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Star Wars always had a positive reception in the gamer’s heart for a long time and not needs an introduction. There are a lot of mediums available for the star wars fans. From books to movies, to video games, the enjoyment never really ends.

The extreme popularity of the Star war series made the developers think about the latest medium of gaming. Star War Galaxy of Heroes is the most excellent addition in the Gatcha game series. Developed by Capital Games and launched by Electronic Arts the game has gained its popularity in no times.

In this article, we are going to tell you some fascinating Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats, which will help you to clear the deadliest levels in the most natural ways.

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How to Hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes For Unlimited Free Crystals

If you want to skip the long waiting times to get free crystals or want to generate free crystals in star wars galaxy of heroes then you must follow the steps given below.

  1. Get started with Generator button
  2. Enter the number of crystals and other resources you need in the game
  3. Enter your identification details for star wars galaxy of heroes generator
  4. Complete some simple offers to obtain you free crystals and other resources in the game
  5. Login back to the game and claim your free rewards instantly.

This is how you can use the star wars galaxy of heroes crystals generator to earn free unlimited resources in the game.

9 Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats And Hacks You Must Know

1. Save Your Healers

One of the primary Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats is to heal your characters while you are at war. Always make sure to save the characters that can heal your team till the end. Play strategically to keep all your healers for the perfect moment.

  • The unique thing about these characters is the shine, specifically in the Galactic war. In a Galactic war, the damage rate becomes drastic due to long-running battles. And there comes the healers for the rescue.
  • Some very popular among them include Luminara, Barriss, and Old Daka. Collect them as soon a possible, and you will have the greatest star wars heroes cheats.

2. Pick Characters From Different Classes

Having a team of various characters from different classes is more likely for you to have a balanced team. Many daily battles have a specific class barrier. You should have characters only from an individual team in those challenges. You must know these Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to gain a class advantage.

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  • Three most important classes you need to have in those daily challenges is attacker, healer/support, and tank.
  • You need to have at least five characters among these classes to enter these daily battles.

3. Collect Bonus Points

It is one of the easiest Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to collect a large number of points in Star Wars. A player can earn a bonus by just logging the game thrice a day. It will be enough to fight a few battles.

  • By logging once a day, you will be able to collect a minimum of 45 points. That will be a total of 135 extra points a day. Isn’t that a fair deal to earn extra goodies and unlocking new items?
  • Along with that, you will also get a chance to receive energy at different times. Each player will receive energy according to the particular place they live. But if you play with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod apk, you will miss them.
  • Surplus energy is the other exciting Galaxy of Heroes cheats. But, you need to claim it within 2 hours; otherwise, it will go out of time. It is the easiest of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats but needs to be collected at the proper time.
  • So make sure to log in at the hour of the day when it is more likely to be available to collect those bonus prizes.

4. Play Time-Bound Rounds

In Star Wars, most of the battles have timers that mean you have to wait for a specific time to play those battles again. It also increases your energy over time the time duration.

  • Now we can say that this game is better suited for players who like to play in small time durations in several rounds, not for an hour-long series.
  • Daily challenges, Bronze data cards, allies to borrow for your battles, arena fights and energy, are the different Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to earn rewards which become available after a specific time.
  • To take full advantage, try to log in at different times of the day.

5. Stun Your Foes

Stunning your foes is one of the best Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack to mystify your enemies in a battle. Stunning a character will make him like a statue, i.e. neither he can act nor can he do anything.

  • This way, his entire turn will get wasted, and he will be a mere statue stand at a point.
  • It can also be done on multiple enemies in some situations. But a stun can be inflicted by only a specialized player.
  • Stunning a healer is Galaxy of Heroes cheats to earn good points in the game. If your healer becomes stunned, he won’t be able to heal his companions and your enemies will have lesser chances of survival or will have a short life span.
  • Old Daka, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and Luke Skywalker are some of the best characters who are great at stunning people.

6. Use Your SIM Tickets Wisely

Simulation tickets or SIM tickets are the ones that are very high in demand, but you need to keep the right amount of stock of these for your most essential tasks in a battle. Following are the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats for them.

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  • The Sims tickets allow a player to replay a battle you have already won immediately without even wasting further time. But no Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack apk gives you these sim tickets.
  • These tickets work best for saving your energy without even wasting too much time.
  • Though you will be able to earn more points at frequent intervals, you can only receive ten ally pops while using a SIM ticket.
  • While doing a battle or using an ally character, you will be able to collect at least 20 ally pops.
  • Winning extra points by playing regular battles and spending them in tougher one is one of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack.

7. Galactic Wars

Galactic war is considered one of the toughest battles of Star Wars. In this war, players are challenged to battle against a team made by other people.

  • Here, your characters won’t get healed during the battles automatically. To conquer the wars, you need to have Star Wars Heroes cheats.
  • These wars are usually more time taking than other wars, and it becomes even harder to mark a victory.
  • There is no Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack as auto-mode in this battle. But, for those who win these battles, they can claim numerous rewards like credits, training droids, hard-to-collect crystals, and war tokens which are very beneficial for buying new characters.
  • The treasures you collect by Galactic wars are vital to claim a high ranking in Star Wars.

8. Utilize Your Crystals on the Chromium Mega Pack

Crystals are the hardest to earn in the game and requires Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack to make them. Usually, a crystal is obtained when finishing a battle, one crystal per day for the high ranking in the game, and by playing a galactic war.

  • Since it is so hard to earn, players often make a mistake on spending them on items which are more likely to be cheaper.
  • A Chromium MegaPack can be an excellent way to spend these crystals. A Chromium Mega Pack usually costs around 2520 crystals. Through proper Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack, you can earn them.
  • However, once you buy a Chromium Mega Pack, all your efforts will get paid off as with each Megapack you will earn eight prizes.
  • These prizes consist of different components like you will get 10-12 characters shards or a whole character.
  • Collect this significant amount of crystals can be a quite staggering task, but it is worthy and better than spending on smaller items. Still, do not use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack apk as you will not get any crystal.

9. Patience is The Key

At some stages, you will feel discouraged due to the slow progress or time taking battles. But, do not use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mod apk but have patience and right decision-making skills.

  • All you need to do is to enjoy the game and its features thoroughly. Once you know how to hack star wars galaxy of heroes, things will begin to become more manageable.
  • The progress might look slow, but the game will always keep you stick to it with its amazing features.
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack merely having patience while you are stuck and play interruptedly to make you claim a high ranking in star wars.

Final Words

Here is all the possible Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats which will be going to help you reach the highest place in the game. With the help of our cheats and tricks, you will quickly learn to clear the levels and earn goodies in Star Wars.